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Devices Izumrud-Redox

Devices Izumrud-Redox is for producing water with antioxidant properties, cleaning fresh water from microorganisms, organic impurities, heavy metal ions, iron, manganese (Izumrud-500).

Izumrud-Redox is made to obtain drinking water with antioxidant properties, and for purification of water from microbes and microbial toxins, heavy metal ions, iron, manganese, aluminum, harmful organic components, including herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, surfactants and many new water-polluting substances with which existing treatment systems can not treat.

In the nature self-cleaning of the water plays a leading role and take place under the influence of solar radiation, physical and chemical processes of interaction with atmospheric oxygen, minerals, rocks. The maximum possible use of the principal features of the natural processes of self purification of water is realized in Izumrud-Redox.

Purified in Izumrud-Redox, water acquires oxidation-reduction potential ORP close to the internal environment of the human body (from minus 100 to minus 250 mV). The ORP determines the activity of electrons in the water. The higher is the activity of electrons is, the lower its value.

By drinking water with a negative ORP the human body does not waste energy on bioelectrochemical process cells to change the energy status of the water in accordance to this parameter to the status of biocompatibility with the internal environment.

Antioxidant water from Izumrud-Redox has a beneficial effect on the entire body, stimulates metabolism, has radioprotective effect, strengthens the immune system of the body.