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Complex industrial solutions, line

The company produces a wide range of equipment for the water industry and has a long experience in the implementation of Russian and foreign innovations in the water sector.

Some application areas of electrochemically activated water and water solutions (various technologies which technical-and-economic efficiency is proved experimentally in labs, by industrial approbation or in extensive practical use) are:

  • Medicine
  • Household use
  • Water treatment and purification
  • Use by the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the military
  • Veterinary
  • Agriculture, agro industrial complex, food industry
  • Public utilities
  • Industrial sector
  • Transport

Generation of eco-friendly cleaning, disinfecting and purifying solutions for cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and pre-sterilization.

Line water treatment

Development and supply of water treatment facilities, equipment and technology in accordance with the most highest quality and safety standards.

These systems can be used for drinking water production, collection and treatment of domestic and industrial wastewater, and for collecting and treating the storm-water, in particular:

  • Lines wastewater treatment for cities and industries with the return of treated water in the production process.
  • Modular line of wastewater treatment in container design.
  • Lines and equipment for storm-water treatment.
  • Lines demineralization and purification of drinking water.
  • Modular line purification of drinking water in the container design.
  • Vacuum sewer systems.
  • Filtration systems.
  • Environmental equipment.

Lines of wastewater treatment

Lines of physical and chemical treatment with flotation units. Our pressure skimmer demonstrated a very high operating parameters in many already tested lines.

Biological treatment Lines using drip biological filters or sieving bacteria. The optimal design of our lines of biological treatment allows to reach high performance with regard to the reduction of organics charge with a formation of a small quantity of non-toxic sludge, which can be used as fertilizer in agriculture. In the lines of biological treatment we use the most advanced high-quality equipment.

List of the basic equipment:

  • air diffusers (for feeding fine bubbles of air into the oxidation tank);
  • submersible pumps;
  • blower and turbine blade types;
  • mixer;
  • scrapers with peripheral or central drive;
  • lamella blocks for improving the deposition of sludge;
  • filter presses, belt filters for dewatering sludge.

Our biological treatment line may be equipped with a bioreactor membrane to ameliorate the performance of the water after treatment.

Using biological lines treatment reactors SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor - aerobic reactors with cyclically interrupted activity) allow to make the line more compact (low water using) and, thus, reduces sequentially the volume of construction works.

Wastewater treatment plants

Compact wastewater treatment plants and modular sewer systems treat and clean water from civil and industrial use, in special cases, water contaminated by bacteriological and / or chemicals substances.

Cleaning phase is optimized: compact and easy to be transported, blocks delivered to the place of using in finished form for quick installation. All plants for the treatment of waste water and sewage systems provide safe water’s discharge into the environment in accordance with local and international standards.

Line of drinking water treatment

For the production of drinking water, we offer:

  • filtration systems with sand (to remove suspended solids);
  • filtration systems with activated carbon (to remove the organic substances, the chroma and pesticides);
  • filtration systems using pyrolusite (to remove iron and manganese);
  • filtration systems using the resins (for removal of color and softening of water);
  • filtration systems using the catalysts (for removal of fluoride, vanadium and arsenic).
  • the most modern technology filtration membrane:
  • microfiltration;
  • ultra-filtration (polymer or ceramic membranes);
  • nanofiltration;
  • reverse osmosis.

All these lines are completely manufactured in our company. The used membranes are thoroughly tested and adapted for different purposes of water treatment. Final sterilization of water is realized with the use of environmentally friendly technologies for treatment with oxidants (Aquachlor-M devices), ozone or ultraviolet rays for the production of drinking water and wastewater treatment instead of the traditional technology using chemical reagents.

These technologies are used in the company only after careful study of the subject by our highly skilled experts and depend on the specific objectives of water treatment in various industries and housing.

Modular systems for drinking water

Sources of raw salt and sea water The system is a modular design for the production of drinking water from of crude, salted and sea water sources. These modules include multilayer filtering and reverse osmosis technology.

The ability to move units, mounted on a trailer, allows their use in a variety of emergency situations (using an external power source). Each unit (or combination) consists of disinfecting system, equipped and operated in usual and salt water. This means that the water treatment plant does not load any dangerous substances. Units are supplied in «ready to launch» regime with a wide range of accessories for use in the field conditions.

Systems for the production of safe drinking water from sources of crude, salted and sea water can be used for a variety of emergency situations or for temporary mobile camps, missionary journeys. Installations are easy to use and its construction are designed to minimize the use of chemicals without compromising the quality of water.

The technology is based on a system of reverse osmosis (RO) with a pneumatic pumps, reverse osmosis membranes, depending on the quality and quantity of water to be treated. Modular designs are characterized by their reliability and trouble-free operation without the need for emergency services.