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The cooler EcaOffice

The cooler EcaOffice produced on the basis of Izumrud can be called a mini-factory for the production of pure high-quality category with antioxidant properties from the ordinary drinking water.

The purification process, which includes all of the same processes as in bottling plants takes place directly in the office. In addition, the cooler EcaOffice can also heat or cool filtered water.

The main advantage of PEO compare to the traditional coolers is their hygiene. For example, in the cooler as the water consumption in the bottle permeates the air, along with a variety of microorganisms, which, in return, proliferate and contaminate water that can generate ad deterioration of health of people who use it.

In cooler EcaOffice this can not happen, because the process water disinfection takes place directly at loading.

Among other advantages, it should be noted that when using PEO water coolers EcaOffice eliminates the need for storage and handling of 19-liter bottles, as well as, full independence from the water supply.