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Devices AQUACHLOR-M is for the synthesis of oxidant solution used for disinfection of drinking water, wastewater, swimming pool water.

Advantages AQUACHLOR-М compared to liquid chlorine and liquid hypochlorite are as follows: AQUACHLOR-M allows to get on the place of using from solution of chloride of sodium two products: chlorine and caustic soda in an sufficient quantity required at any time.

Since freshly prepared chlorin contains small quantity of other oxidants (dioxide of chlorine, ozone), therefore some by-products suchas chloroform in water will not be formed during the chlorination.

Also oxidants solution unlike traditional chlorine water removes effectively biofilm from the inside surface of the water conduits, by excluding the necessity of ammonization, reduces the speed of corrosion of water pipes (we know that biological corrosion speed is several times higher than the speed of chemical corrosion) this gives water an excellent organoleptic properties.

Over ten towns of Russia use drinking water purified and disinfected by means of AQUACHLOR-M devices.