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ECOCHLOR units are designed to produce chlorine gas and caustic soda by electrolysis of sodium chloride brine solution. Advantage installations - production of chlorine in situ in the required amount of consumption.

Produced installation ECOCHLOR series can be applied to processes in which chlorine consumption in the chemical, mining, processing, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Byproduct when the installations is caustic soda solution (concentration of 150-180 g / l), which is a valuable reagent and can be used for neutralizing the waste water and process solutions.

The following technologies are elaborated with ECOCHLOR settings:

  • Dissolution of the platinum group metals instead of traditional technology using "aqua regia" that allows you to completely eliminate emissions of toxic nitrogen oxides and to obtain additional product - caustic soda; Electricity costs are not more than 4 kWh per 1 kg of metal.
  • Leaching of rare, non-ferrous and precious metals by hydrochlorination of ore and waste in order to extract gold, silver, copper, platinum and palladium; method is based on processing of waste ore or a mixture of hydrochloric acid and chlorine and its advantage lies in the high reactivity of chlorine at the time of its formation;
  • Obtaining a highly concentrated solution of sodium hypochlorite;
  • Cleaning and disinfection of wastewater.

The range includes units with capacityfrom 100 to 2,000 g of chlorine per hour